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Hello there everyone, yeah, this is my first post here on this forum as I just have registered here. I know this is influencing somebody’s views when they see a newcomer but I still decided to say it. and with all due respect as humbly as I can tell this, I would tell you people that absolutely anything and everything that is supporting recovery of the body as well as aids in growth, most likely it does helps. I just saying this, and you may very well, I understand, call it broscience if you would like to call it like that, however there are studies done and simple common sense is a powerful thing to my opinion. That have shown me the effect of the somatropin to have, without absolutely any doubts or anything, increased my healing time from a slew of some injuries. But then again, those were my own personal injuries. And I have extremely big doubts that it was placebo effect, it was actually the fact that it has increased the healing time.
Very well, in order to give you a little bit of a background here, growing up I have been as wild as you can imagine. I definitely wasn’t a ‘chill child’ and my parents often had headaches because of me and of how wild I was. Always full of energy and always full of motivation of doing something. That’s why: skateboards, dirtbikes, rock climbing and I am also a licensed skydiver too… these are just to mention a few of my extreme sports I do, in total I guess I have tried them all. and I have to say that to which, I have always either gone big, or I have not gone at all! having all of that said, you can understand, I guess, how many injuries I had my entire life. I have a very long list of fractures, breaks, dislocations, hyper extensions, tears, compound fractures, sprains as well as organ damage. That long list makes me be quite of a ‘veteran’ at knowing roughly how long it is going to take for my body to heal itself up from this fracture or from that injury. When I had another injury (as usual) and started using HGH I have seen a really big difference, the healing time was greatly reduced compared to that time I expected it. with all of this said, doubtful, yeah, the HGH did has helped me very much to recover much more quicker from some injuries out there. but this is only my opinion based on my experience. Ultimately, I am not trying to say that someone out there is wrong or that is right. Maybe, ultimately, those things do work but not for everyone, that’s why it is hard for them to give a real evidence. As for me, it has worked very well. Or maybe there are other things…

With all of this already being said, I one am not very sure whether the gh would be effective very quickly or not for your injury, that’s unless you are already pretty well into a gh cycle. I am saying all of this due to the fact that the last time I have injured myself that was quite a good injury. But it was still not anything worse or bad if comparing to some other injuries that I have had in the past, LOL. but anyhow, to most of other people that are not as wild and crazy as I am LOL, they were just some substantial injuries. Either is that going to make anyone understand how it has actually worked I am not sure but I thought of sharing this info so maybe someone would really understand. I ve got stabbed with a rusty steel rod 5/8” in diameter and 5 inches deep into my lat, which it has only stopped from going more into me due to the fact that it has lodged itself into my top right rib, and it broke that rib. In addition to that, in that accident I had, I have dislocated and I tore my tendons in my right shoulder as well as sprained my right ankle too. No need to mention that my breathing has been depressed due to the stab wound I got and of the broken rib, especially.

So look… during at that time, I have already been for more than 2 months into the test/ tren ace/ hgh cycle. I mean, when I had that accident I was already running this cycle for 2 months and I strongly feel that this has played an extremely important role in all my healing processes. The gh has been really starting to take effect (as we all know, I guess, the gh does not start working as soon as you start using it). I have already started to lose fat then and I have been at that point where I have started to both see and to feel the effects of the growth. That’s very important that I had the accident right at the peak of my cycle working. I have been on 250 mg of test a week and 100 mg of tren ace a day, and in addition to that the growth hormone which I have been using at 8 iu a day. The gh has been really good as well, as I said, I could see and feel that it works, it was really kicking my arse good, lol.
Whatever the case… as a final result… I have ended up to heal so so fast that I have been back on the light duty at work in WITHIN a week after that accident I just described you earlier (I am working a very heavy strenuous job btw, you should know it as well) and although, of course, within a week I wasn’t 100% recovered, WITHIN a month, I was already able to lift, and I was able to lift HEAVY! It is important to also mention, I guess, that I am currently not very old, but I am also not very young anymore. Trust me I know very well that without the gh the results wouldn’t be the ones I got., I know very well from sustaining those injuries in the past as well that it would have taken me at least twice as long as well as physical therapy in order to heal up to that point I did with gh… and that’s AT LEAST, because thinking of it, that might have required even more. Children, when they still haven’t fully grown, they are secreting growth hormone like crazy so they growth and recover extremely fast. Now, I have healed as if I did when I have been a child. I remember the time when I was 16 years old how fast I would heal and how fast I was healing these last few years. At 16 the process was MUCH faster even if the injury was worse than now, back then I would feel very and very quickly. But unfortunately, that’s how life and our body are made which means that as we are getting older we do not produce so much growth hormone and therefore we do not recover so fast. I could very easily notice this on myself because the older I was getting, without any doubts, the healing process was slower. With all of this said and everything else, I am a firm believer that with the addition of the GH, you can heal quicker, but I feel that it is important not to start the gh after the injury as you might not see any differences, but to already run the gh for a good while in the time of accident. But ultimately, what we seem to forget is that this is a hormone that is being designed to aid and help in both recovery and growth… not sure how helpful it would be, but I hope it would for some…