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Well, I have seen people here recommending and talking about the TB 500 so I thought about sharing my opinion on this one since I have also ran it on a few occasions I had and that’s why I thought that sharing my experience might be a bit helpful to OP. in addition to the fact that I have my personal experience with it, I have even documented it on some different forums so I know a bit about it.
I just have to say that there are only a few studies done out there about the TB 500 to be honest, however very slim in my findings. I personally am not a very huge peptide fan to be honest, however the anti inflammatory properties that the TB 500 has, does seemed to be working extremely well, at least for me personally. Either is that a placebo effect only or something that has actually worked I am not sure, but what I know is that it did has worked in my anecdotal experience. Then again, that’s just only me, not sure how well it works/ worked for other people. I also guess that it might depend on your injury type as well as your own body chemistry. But then again, for me it did worked. That’s a response to the person who said that there are no evidence that it actually works (and I still don’t have it except my experience) and maybe to make you better know TB 500.