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in regards to that part of when you strained the muscle and even so op kept on lifting on there were nothing else to expect written by kerman [quote] Therage, I do understand trying to make some gains, however in case you have strained the muscle but you were still kept on lifting then… honestly, what else were you expecting to get? I mean, there’s no one else to blame for this… you should know one very important thing which to me it seems obvious, but many people seem to ignore it: pain it is actually how your body is trying to talk with you and when you do get the pains your body tells you to slow the fu*k down! You’ve gotta rest, apply ice and of course time to heal it up. Or work around it. just for future reference maybe it is going to help you or someone else who makes similar mistakes. Good luck [/quote]
you know… you are right no doubts but, there are just those people, some of them, who must learn it the hard way, only that way, and believe that throwing even more money, like for example in supplements, at darn near anything that is being related to the bb or lifting it is done with the most speed and efficiency, as if the best solution out there. but as usual, there are always 2 sides and contrary to those talking of the supplement ‘success’ such a thought it is one reason why those supplements out there sold are in the, literally, billions every single year.
And finally now, one final point is that, the only supplements that you should be consuming are, perhaps, only some ‘extra’ amino acids in the form of a very well balanced diet, with, of course, an also good rounded exercise routine. And that’s pretty much it.