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Hey therage, I would really like to comment on this part you wrote up there as of

*As much as you can see, I am searching for that something that is going to help me to speed up my recovery process and so I would be able to get back in the gym as soon as possible and, of course, not to make it all even worse than it is now. so well, I am going to be doing all my best to rehab it of course, however anything that might be able to speed this along is going to be a miracle product for me in this situation.*

You’ve got to know that exclusively of those “bro” anecdotes out there, there are NO reliable/ trustable/ real evidence/ proof that any of those compounds are actually speeding up the injury recovery! I thought that this is very important for you to know so not to have too many expectations and then ending up being completely disappointed. Healing is taking time and that’s as simple as that!
People can accept it by just avoiding those types of exercises that are triggering that pain or the discomfort or the increase of risk of the injury by using some kind of drugs that are ‘masking/ hiding away’ that reparative process, and they are just continuing to work out as if everything is absolutely fine. just my 2 cents for whatever it’s gonna be worth.