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Kerman thanks and yeah, that’s for sure man, you are definitely right on that one. Ego has definitely got the best of me out there. I just can say that I found it quite hard to take time off from lifting when you are sitting PRs every session in mid cycle…

But yeah, surely you are right on that one. I am going to keep on resting, and icing it from this moment on. I knew this and I know there’s no one else to blame for this but me. I haven’t even tried to blame anyone, that’s absolutely my fault and I do realize that I’ve made a mistake. In fact, I knew that I am doing a mistake even then, but I thought that maybe it is not anything that bad. Seemingly it is. Anyhow, good news (for me of course) is that it does feels quite a bit better today. Now I am thinking that Im gonna need to search more into the peps and to evaluate how Im healing here before I would go back hitting the heavy sh*t hard and heavy.