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oh wow… bro, you do seem like you are describing me and my entire life, lol, I do perfectly understand what you are trying to say and I’m also feelin’ as if I’m in the exact same pathetic situation. I am extremely frustrated with my diet which is so pathetic. As you, I have also tried multiple times different things, for no avail. I have even hired once a nutritionist thinking that this is the ultimate resort when nothing can go wrong and I literally followed that guys meal plan to every single of his word.

I am now down to like 17 lbs or so in nearly 3 months, however those came down in the first 4 weeks only and now I am all around at 298 lbs for weeks now, for all that extra time except the first 4 weeks. I have started at approximately 315 lbs. anywhere between 313 to 317 lbs. in order to make sure everything is fine, the last week I have had the blood work done and the results showed that all of my levels are fine, including the thyroid as well. Not sure but it is obvious that as of late I start to think that maybe this nutritionist I hired is not good at all. he is pretty hard to get ahold of I would say, he is just giving me some meals and is telling me: *here, you can eat this and you can eat as much of this as you want to*. As I said, I do listen to his words and I am doing everything as he tells me to, however this just does not seem to be very right. And this is why, I am basically am about to say : screw all of it and gonna get back to eat all of that food that I can in order to actually get some energy from that food and to have a good and productive workout session.

Now, in the end of all of that I came to the conclusion that from as much as it seems I am never going to have a low percentage of body fat, however I am going to be strong as Schwarzenegger.