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hey there and thanks for asking, as said earlier, I am always glad to help.
In regards to the bad side effects of the medication, yeah, I do know that there are some people complaining on some sides but either they were not using the right doses or either their body simply cannot accept this medication, as for me, I have had none whatsoever. There was a short period in my life when my libido has been greatly decreased, however that has also happened when my marriage has started to go down and down (and it was even unknown to me during that time) and therefore our normal sex life of approximately 5 to 7 days a week went as down to maybe just once a week. this is the reason why I am not very sure if the medication does actually have anything to do with the libido decrease. Even if it really had something to do, whatever it was – it went away. and other than that I have been feeling absolutely amazing, I felt great and I have had amazingly big energy levels (can’t remember myself ever being that energetic). As far as being short tempered/ aggressive… well, I just have to admit it and say that I am an asshole by nature… I was like that long before using the phen and after starting with it I couldn’t see a change in my attitude one bit for the worse. At least I didn’t noticed it and nobody seemed to tell me that I am an even more asshole that I used to be. however I do know that it can pretty much vary from a person to another… and that’s especially when you are getting hungry. We all know that people tend to be short tempered and aggressive when are hungry and that’s why I think that oftentimes it is not the medication that makes them be like that, it is the fact that while they are on the medication, they are also dieting so they are hungry – hence short tempered and aggressive. But then again, everyone is different.
Next question in regards of muscles loss. Well, I have stayed at approximately 1250 calories per day (weened myself off from the phen) in order to find my max calorie intake in order to NOT gain for… well, anywhere around 3 to 4 months. Then I have been looking at myself trying to be one of those weak European guys that are wearing those slim fit everything and to be honest, the more I looked at myself and the more I was achieving this, the more I was thinking and realizing that in fact, I need to get back to go to gym and put on something back again. That was the time when I have realized how, in fact, pathetic I was… I must mention here that I clearly remember that I read an article in which they said that this hcg diet was great for NOT losing any muscle and now I can say with certitude from my experience that this is a complete lie. The diet is definitely helpful and makes you lose weight, I have definitely burned fat from it and lost a lot of weight, however half a year out of the gym with that diet and my muscles as well as my strength definitely have disappeared.
To be honest, I really wish a lot that I had advice for burning fat as well as for maintain muscles in the same time, however I find myself in such a situation as well… for me, unfortunately, there’s no ‘between’ there’s not that ‘perfect balance’ or anything in that matter. since I started to hit the gym again and running gear, I have gotten myself up to 23 % of body fat and I just can’t find a happy ‘perfect medium balance’ due to the fact that my diet is rarely in check. Maybe for someone else this is differently, but for me, it is literally either feast, either famine. No ‘in between’.
My post is again getting too big so one last thing… with all of that being said and without giving a source name, from as much as it seems there is an UGL that is making a new brand product which supposedly is going to be kick ass of fat burn and I personally am definitely going to give that stuff a shot since nothing else seem to be very helpful for me (I did have tried var and clenbuterol and they never done too much for me). however, then again, my undisciplined self could rarely avoid all the stuff that my body really loves to quickly turn it into fat. Unfortunately for me. but as with everything else, it can greatly depend on each person.