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Hey there, thank you very and very much for posting that information, I do think that many people might get a lot of help out of reading it. all you said up there does seem to be very extreme, however I have absolutely no doubts that it is going to work. I do understand what you tried to say that this is not for everyone but I think that those people who can stick with it, doubtlessly see results.

What I wanted to ask you is: I read about phentermine and I read about its side effects so I wanted to ask you: did you have any of the bad side effects from using the medication? That seem to be a helpful medication but it also seem to have its profile of side effects either… when been reading about it I saw a lot of people being happy then sad then happy and so on and so forth, all over the place. This also includes of them being short tempered and even aggressive from time to time. I do not use the medication but I would want to. But my problem is that I am already short tempered and I am getting annoyed very and very easily already, an added effect of being short tempered and getting annoyed even more easily I imagine it would turn me into a little demon.

Another thing which got my attention is what about when you are coming off of it and you are going back to eating 2k of calories per day? I ask it because I really got scared me when you have mentioned of how much muscles you have lost during this program. The reason why I ask you this is that I have worked quite hard for approximately 5 years (well, more intense last 4 years) in order to build up some size and to be honest, I would really hate if I am going to lose it all and know that all my hard work was for no avail. To be honest, if I would lose all my gains that would surely make me depressed.