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Well, I thought that it is important to mention here the food list so here it is:
The breakfast contains of one fruit that you can choose from this list below: an apple, an orange, half of an grapefruit or handful of strawberries. You may have coffee or tea. As sweetners, as I said, forget about sugar, you may use stevial, xylitol or erythritiol as well as 1 tbsp coconut, hemp, almond or rice milk for creamers. (for those wondering, these are readily available at stores like whole foods, sprouts and so on and so forth).
The snacks are pretty much like the breakfast as you can choose from also an apple, also half of an grapefruit, handful of strawberries and instead of an orange one melba toast. Your lunch and dinner is going to consist of 3 and a half oz or 100 grams of lean protein as well as 3 and a half oz vegetable (you should not mix vegetables). About the spices, you can use any of them unless they contain oil, sugar or butter. In addition, you may also use the juice of one lemon daily and vinegar. Here is the list of protein foods that you can choose from: of course and the first one: chicken breast (but make sure you don’t eat skin as it is not allowed), beef, fresh white fish (which means no salmon, tuna, herring or eel), crab, scallops, veal, shrimp, lobster.
From the list of vegetables you can choose from any of the following: of course: broccoli, also zucchini, cauliflower, spinach, beet greens, green salad, chicory, chard, cabbage, asparagus, onions, celery, red radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes as well.
And now, lately, for the protein shake then you want to get as low calorie as you can. That program that I did supplied with the protein powder, and that’s why I am sorry but I just cannot give you the name of that protein shake because I have forgot it… hoping this is going to be helpful.