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I saw that OP wrote a review about that product so I just wanted to write a review about a hgh that I have used for the last 2 months to let other people know how it works… not sure if I had to start a new thread or that’s good if posting it here (I’m a newcomer to forums so I don’t actually know the forum rules) but I hope that this is the right place. I also wrote a review about that hgh brand (Hygetropin) so again, I am not sure if that’s good to write a review in the HGH brands review section and to write that review here, as I said, I am not having too much knowledge in it, but I just try to make as much people as possible to know this information hoping that this is going to save their time and money. So very well, I should start off by saying that I have heard about Hygetropin for a very long time. Back then I had no knowledge about hgh and I have been used to think that with anything that you inject (testosterone, steroids, hgh or whatever else) you have risks to either that product completely fu** you up or to give you amazing results. The time has passed and I have learned that it is not actually like that. Back in about 2013 2014 I heard that Hygetropin is one of the best hgh that you can get and I am not sure, but maybe back then it was. One sure thing is that now it is not. Been using it for 2 months and been running it at 5 iu a day (I was planning 5 iu a day for 6 months and then to slow down at 3.3 iu per day for the next 6 months to have one full year). After using it for 2 months I stopped and that’s because I have had blood works done before using this Hygetropin and after 2 months at 5 iu a day. The results I saw (and even those effects that I felt) made me understand that Hygetropin is very underdosed. rHGH is expensive and it would be no wonder for me if Hygetropin company decided to put less in it to save money. I just try to warn other people to stay away from Hygetropin because in the past I heard that it was amazing, but now it surely is not (either because Hygetropin changed the rHGH dose in their product or because back in 2013 – 2014 people had little knowledge about how some actually good HGH product should work).