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For some people it takes time to be adjusted and sometime it can provoke you something like this. If you see now that using 2 iu it’s okay than you have to keep it low, the first sides that you got that time were something okay, with 2 iu and I’m sure that you needed to wait some weeks more to see that all the sides will pass away and that it will start to work on your body. Secondly you didn’t a wrong thing to pass to 4 iu so soon as you just have seen that the side effects that you’ve got from 2 iu passed just for 2 days, your body just started to deal with 2 iu and you turned it on fire again… this is really a wrong thing to do, and this is not just because of this HG that you have used but this is concerned to all the Hg out there, and next time you have to pay attention. About your phobia, it’s something that will pass away after some time, when you’ll start to see your results, you’ll like to have some more, and you’ll start to think about implementation, or you’ll like to try some new hg. Good luck!