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I have tried meditropes and the experience was really a bad one. The intensity and the side effects were really brutal and I couldn’t afford it. I started with 1.5 iu per day and now that you’re saying that you would like to start with 5 iu I just can’t imagine this.. I think that you’re going to feel really bad, just rethink it, I really don’t what to think how it will be. I have had numb hands, and after using the 1.5 iu I started to feel wick, I couldn’t work enough and couldn’t do anything to afford it, I just wanted to lay down and sleep for a while. I don’t think that you need this shit, I can’t even imagine who is able to afford it.. Really… I recommend you to switch on the greys… they are much better to afford, in case of money as well as the side effects aren’t so much visible, and the thing is that you can higher the dosage without any big problems, or big differences.