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I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I’m a consumer of both and I would like to say that I would never use generic again, even if there will be someone that will tell me that I can have them for free. I have use generic before, and I was sure 100% that they will work and that I will achieve the result I want to but I lasted disappointed all the time and this was killing me, I worked so hard to achieve the body that I wanted and I spent a lot of money for generics in order to achieve my goal, and now when I’m rethinking about this I understand that I could spent less money just by buying one of pharm brand HGH and to see some results… so this is a thing that I don’t think that everyone would agree with me, but this is my choice, and I have seen it on my own body… I’m happy that generics worked on other people but I can’t say the same positive review based on my own experience. The tests that I have done after using the generics which I would like to underline again that didn’t worked on me, just showed that actually I have a highest bloodwork that was about 36 and smth. I have used it for about 8 months daily, using about 5 iu everyday and at the end realized that nothing changed and everything that I have achieved was a bad blood test and lasted pissed off for a very long time. I didn’t knew since the beginning that the thing was because of the generic product that I have used, and I thought that there is something wrong with my body, started to search the problem in myself confidence and psychological situation … I was so wrong, because after just I accidently bought some serostim and realized how many time I have lost using genrics. I have used 2 and sometimes 3 iu per day and after just one month I have seen the difference. The HGH done a really good work on my body as well as on my sleep routine, I started to sleep better and started to feel more refreshed during the day.