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I understand your requirement about experienced people that actually have used both of them, but I think that even people that haven’t used generic can already tell you that they will never be, according to the fact that we have friends, relatives and just already have heard about the negative consequences and we would never try to switch to something that someone recommended not to do. Since the very first beginning I talked with my doctor with all my honesty even if I knew that he wouldn’t be okay that I would like to use hgh for muscle growth and fat loss, but I just told him that the only thing that he can do for me is to help me to choose the best one in order to not make it worse. My doctor is a friend for me and explained me every type of difference that I can feel in case I’m going for generic. This was the first thing that he told me:” to never go for generic, and always trust pharm”. There are good explications and actually is really easy to realize that if generics are more available to you because of price and so on this means that they aren’t good enough to be used. If you want a good result, without having health problems and to be sure that one day you wouldn’t regret about the fact that you started to use generics than I think that you have to always stay on pharm ones, especially if you are always in panic because of you health condition, and especially if you can’t handle the healthy problems. I think that the decision that you should take is obvious and there is no need to clarify the “keys” that you mentioned to understand this… I don’t think that you’ll find a person that will argue that generics are better than pharm because I think that this is impossible. The real HGH that you buy and cost you more than any other type of drugs or steroids that will help you to bulk up is harder, requiring special equipment that cost a lot of money, a really long production process as well as the most harmless substances used help you to achieve your goal. If you want something that is really low priced of course you can by some steroid powder made in China to go home and to make it in the kitchen but everything that is related to homemade in this case is not something acceptable. This was my opinion, and I think that a lot of people will agree with me.