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I’m sorry but have you done any research on this? I may be wrong but 20 years is really too late to change everything. First of all you have to ask your relative about the age he started to use it, I believe that if he started it at 15, it may be helped him to become as he became at the 20s. But I think that you should forget about this idea. I’m not sure that you’ll find here someone that will be able to tell you something about your problem; I can tell you how it will work on your body as long as you said that you’re going to gym or smth. Sorry bro but this is really a bad idea. Anyway I don’t what to be that guy that is going to disappoint you and to transform your dream to a nightmare. I’m sure that before starting to use HGH to implement your height you can find a lot of researches online linked with this, as well as with description about the effectiveness and the years limit related to this. Good luck, hope that I’m wrong.