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Actually there isn’t a fix dosage that you have to use to grow your muscles. As much as your body can afford will be good for you. The fact that someone is taking 10 iu or more doesn’t mean that is something that you have to take too, or that maybe your body is ready to accept it. This is also related to your constant feeling about it. The only way to experience it is trying to constantly raise the dosage till you’ll go to feel that your body isn’t capable to accepts some more. This is it, and trust me that for someone 2iu per day can be enough for muscle growth because this is how his body react on the dosage, and there other people that use 10 or more and feel like they can use more and more without stopping and still without experiencing a really big difference. Some use 12 to 15 iu ED and they experience health problems and can even have some tumors developed and still be skinny without any muscle .So it’s up to you… or correctly it’s up to your body to decide.