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I feel good about peptides as long as you get the originals. On the domestic market you can find a lot of fake peptides and unfortunately, there are a lot of people that already experienced negative effects with ipamorelin. My close friend is one of them. I don’t remember all the things that he told me about ipamorelin, but I remember that for 2 or 3 weeks he wasn’t able to workout at all, he felt really weak and sick about all the food that he used to love before trying ipamorelin. Lately he found out that that drug was a fake not an original one, he ordered it online and was really disappointed. If you order it online take care about the site you use to buy from. Ipamorelin as well as a lot of other peptides can be helpful and harmful at the same time, take your time to understand the dosage that your body requires, because not all the dosages that you can find here on our forum described by others are supposed to be okay for you, or to help you achieving the goal you want, you should take it in consideration. I think that this is the most important thing to know. From my friends that already used ipamorelin, I remember that they used to use ipamorelin during the morning before meals, and before bed long time after your last meal. It worked really well on them and they didn’t required much time to see the results. Can’t say about how long it stays because my friends are still using it so, it continuously work on them.