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Thank you for the post, I have found same questions to clarify here, and even if I have seen the answers, the question about the 0.5 ml of bac for 10 iu vial makes me a little bit confused because I’m still not sure. There should be an “yes” for for 1ml or for 0.5 ml, still can’t understand the difference and how actually could a different quantity work is the same way. And I would like to ask you another question related to my situation and mostly about the possibility to split up the injections during the day. I’m currently using 2iu on a daily basis, but thinking about some dosage implementation and I would like to ask, in case of 5iu usage daily, what would be better to split it up or not? Some people say that actually it will be better to have 2 iu in the morning when you just woke up, and another 3 at the night before bed, other people say that it is better to use 3 iu in the morning and 2 before bed considering it more effective and less harmless. Still don’t know what type of specific harm are they talking about, but I’m interesting about the better effect usage of 5 iu injection during the day. Can you help?