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I’m going to start my hgh routine. As I have never done it before it is a little bit unknown for me the procedure of dosage and some other actions that I have to take as long as I start it. I’m a newbie if talking directly, but I’m generally informed very well about all the things that I have to do. First of all I would like to be sure, as I have seen that here are a lot of you guys that know very well how to make it work, of course I would like to suddenly find the best way to use and to do it in the right way, but I’m realistic and I know that I’ll need some time to correctly adjust the dosage and the consumption method to my daily routine and my body necessity. As I already said I’m already informed about some tips that I have to do, I just need some confirmation to know that I’m ready to start it and that you agree with the actions that I’m supposed to do. First of all I think that it will be good to use 1ml of bacteriostatic water per vial which is supposed thtat I’ll het 1iu of the HG in very 10iu on a slin usage. Just heard it many times, and a lot of people told me this way. Secondly I would like to be sure that in order to have 10iu per vial I need to use more liquid or maybe like 0.5 ml of bacteriostatic water will be enough for this? Don’t you think that it will be better to turn back to 1ml of 0.5 will be enough? Still wondering…
Another important thing to clarify is the condition of preservation. The only information that I got till now is that all of this have to be kept in the fridge, both of them. The question about the numb hands it’s still something that lasted for me without any answer. I don’t know how soon I’m going to have numb hands? Some of my friends told me that this happens instantly after you start to use hgh other said that it depends on the quantity, usage routine and the dosage augmentation. I don’t know the correct answer and I hope this will be clarified here. Just for personal information and this is just a curiosity for me about the hgh taste as I already have heard from many other posts and reviews online that the hgh have a specific taste, I would like to know how actually should it taste and if this is important for the quality recognition. The last thing that I would like to know it’s about the other secondary side effects that may happen in short time usage that I maybe have to know before starting using it, except the numb hands that I have heard so many times. Please can you help me with these questions, just want to start as soon as possible the routine in order to feel the difference… I’m waiting for it for too much time. Thank you!