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For me the biggest amount of iu used was 10 during the day and I have used pharm and generic as well, sometimes I loved to split the total iu dosage between the day, like 5iu in the morning and 5iu before bed. What can I say, I liked the effect on me, mostly because I have lost the amount of fat that I wanted to and I have never been concentrated in bulking up, I started to think about this not so long ago when I already have lost all my fat. Can’t say that iu implementation used to work on my muscles by bulking up, it’s more for the fat and water loss acceleration. Honestly speaking I have seen a big difference just in case of pharm and non pharm products that I have used. The pharm brands were really active in case of water retention elimination, what I can’t say about generic drugs. I don’t know what generic are made of but the first 3 months I felt really heavy as well as really tired, what I think was a side effect of those generic drugs, suddenly after I passed to pharm brands I started to feel much better, the water retention passed away along with the tiredness.