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First of all I would like you to know that balcks are out of stick circulation, and it will take more time and for sure you’ll need to ask more people to help you to find them. The second important thing, according to my past experience with blacks and trust me I have had a huge one which includes a really abundant usage of it as well as with a higher dosage implementation. I can’t say was it worth it or not, because it kind of worked and has had some benefits for my body as any other types of things that I have used in order to bulk. I think that any kind of side effects that a human body experience is related to something personal and this doesn’t mean that you are going to experience the same thing. As I said I have had a really interesting experience with blacks and the only side effects that I have had in accordance with the dosage about 15iu was the water retention that was something unsupportable and passed away as soon as I decided to use 10iu instead. You are talking about taking 3iu and starting a journey dedicated to observation about your body changes and how it works. If you plan to take 3iu if talking about blacks trust me nothing bad will happen to you. To make you understand better I know some people that take more than 15iu per vial and feel okay and it work really good. Talking about saving money, try to think more about grey one it feels like they will be more available for you as well as I have heard they are more pure then blacks. Anyway I think that you have to choose what to do, but be sure it will take a little bit to find the blacks on the domestic market…