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I think that you have to use them accordingly to the results that you what to have and the combination have to be respectively to this. In case if you concentrate yourself in bulking the mk and ghrp6 combination is the best, and can be also combined or to be substituted with ghrp2 also working really good. In case of necessity to cut or to keep the fat in your body it will be better to use ipam before bed, and I think that everyone should know this, because the combination of all these together can help to achieve your goals, or can actually bring you some negative experience. If you will decide to take mk just remember that you have to use along with this the cjc dac, for all other ghrps there is no necessity to use dac. I hope that before you start to combine all the peptides you’ll be informed about every drug and how it works on your body. It’s important to take them accordingly to the best time used during the day. Don’t worry about the dosage, the only thing that can happen with a high dosage is accordingly to the drug that your use and the time of the day that you decide to take it, it will help you to achieve your goal or will rather provoke you some negative experience.