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It is really hard to educate yourself and to find out the best way to do this, I combined hgh, slin and peptides some time ago without assuring myself about a good mast test and generally knowing quite nothing about how to. During this time I have learned some important things that I always keep under control and that become something really important for me which I would like to share with you.1. First important thing is that if you use slin post workout in 5 to 10 iu in addition to post workout carbs than you have to be sure that you’re going to put fat, this is a thing that work for bulk and this actually is not the best method that have to be combined with HGH. 2. Most of people devide the iu and the slin during the day, for example having 3iu in the morning and slin in the afternoon what I think it wrong and I proved it to myself so many times. The best thing is to have 3 4 injections per day using the same dosage of iu HGH combined the same time with the same dosage of slin, I observed that such combination doesn’t allow water retention and doesn’t allow your body to store fat. I generally think that just a really heavy workout have to be combined with really intensive carb days as well as the increase of additional slin post workout that will have the same effect. The low fat storage and minial water retention is the most important thing I guess. I hope that I helped you with some additional info and some advices for future dosage.