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I have never been asked to take of any part from my pump. The thing is that I have always flown with my pump and without any letter requirement from my doctor. I have heard from somebody that actually they don’t have to ask for any letter because they are about how an insulin pump looks and what is used for. I have flown some years ago and I have had some troubles because they didn’t wanted me to pass with my pump because they couldn’t pass me through x-ray, I was so mad and I created some huge problems out there. I was really mad and started to yell at them because of the unfair behavior. Later after approximately 10 minutes they called the doctor that is supposed to be in airport for pump confirmation… That’s why I think that you shouldn’t be afraid about missing the doctor’s letter. In case if they don’t what to pass you because of the pump you are allowed to ask for the airport doctor to control you as well as to be controlled by the same gender airport custom house officer. The letter that you can have from your doctor is just facilitation in order to pass through all the security controls without difficulties.