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I have flown many times with a pump and generally there is nothing to be aware of. During the flight there is no pain or any other discomfort that it can provide. The only problem that you can meet is during the security area. Generally before the flight if you want to be sure and to be relaxed about the pump is to ask your doctor to write you a confirmation about pump usage and what it is supposed to be used for. Doctors usually write about your condition and describe the pump that you use. Your pump can’t go through the x-ray even though be sure that if you’ll pass just between the metal detectors it wouldn’t show any alert. The x-ray is something that isn’t recommended for us. I don’t know what the matter is but it will be better to avoid such actions. In the airport you can find different options of actions in case of people that use the pump.. In the UK airport for example I have been supposed to take it off in order to pass through the x-ray but this depends on the people that ask you to do this. The same airport some years about allowed me be controlled by a person by the same gender in order avoid the x-ray. I think that generally it will be okay to talk with your healthcare team and to explain about the flight, it cost nothing to require an confirmation from your doctor about the pump usage, and it will be better to announce the security team at the airport about your health problems, to show the confirmation from your doctor and to pass the most simple control without including x-ray. Usually doctors write about this in the note that they concern to you and security team take it in consideration, trust me they aren’t allowed to do what is harmful for your health. Another thing that I would recommend is to take insulin with you in case if the pump will be defected. I have never experienced this before, but I have heard from some people that they have passed through this with defected pump during the flight. I don’t want to scare you or something but I would like you to know in case of some circumstances. I always carry with me some additional insulin and I feel more save.