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Hi there, I’ve just gotta say that injecting it in the morning (I mean, in the very early morning like for example 3 Am or so) it has been proved that it is making me be really tired at my work and that is why I can’t take it anywhere around that time otherwise I am not working properly. This is the reason why, now, I am usually pinning anywhere in the afternoon post my work. Also I can say something in regards to what you said up there OP… I am not sure but to my understand, HGH that you take does not suppress your natural GH like the testosterone does. Maybe it does too, I am not sure. But what I am sure about is that it doesn’t disturb your sleep patterns for sure. That’s because I am actually sleeping like a baby each time when I am pinning before going to bed (in fact, I used to do that in the past, now I don’t pin before going to bed anymore). Anyway, I am just doing it in the afternoon because it is more convenient to do it after the work for me. But anyway, we all know that everyone is different so for you it might be more convenient some other time.