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Not a professional here but… frankly here… I do think that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the time to inject HGH, that’s at least in my opinion, but I do know that other people feel differently. That is why I say that IMO, you’ve gotta inject it when it is the best time for you personally. No rule of thumb. That’s because, again IMO, they ‘key’ to huh it is, in fact, consistency, and not when you inject.

Also, not trying to say that this is correct and not trying to influence anyone’s methods of applying it but I can share what I personally would do and what I personally am actually doing right now… I would inject in the morning exactly as I am doing now and that’s because of the conviniency (at least for me) and past peak which would be around the bed time my body could secrete its natural method. But then again, that’s just me and my opinion as I do perfectly know that you could read like thousands of ways to inject huh, and as much as I saw, for the most part the results are flat regarding method. Not sure if this is what you wanted to hear but I hope it is going to be helpful to ya’.