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Well, thanks for concerns and for trying to help. Gotta say that I am going to post my results as soon as I am going to receive the blood test results the next week or so. As in regards to the first one, I just have asked for the total T analysis, gonna come with an response when I will have it.

As for the second question about how long after the fifth injection… well, from as much as I remember that blood test has been done 2 days after the injection number 5. I remember this as that day I have had my first lab (I firstly went to the lab then) and after that I have went to the gym to have my coach to administer me the sixth shot – he administers them to me, or at least he did in the past because back then, I was still been freaking out to self injected those and so he was helping. That’s just another thing why I doubt that my gym coach would inject me so crap. I don’t know… maybe my body just doesn’t absorb it properly?

One more thing here, this time I am going to ask for the sex hormonal profile as well… from as much as I have read there, I saw that they are testing total testosterone, free testosterone, estradiol as well as LG and some other things that I can’t remember their names. To be honest, it is a little bit expensive but this won’t stop me. In fact, there’s nothing that would freaking stop me! I swear by my life that I am freaking going to get rid of these freaking damned man boobs or I will die trying doing so! I just won’t stop searching and doing whatever it takes. I hate them and I will get rid of them!