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Thanks once again for answering, I appreciate it but I just don’t know man… I do think that it must be legit… I mean, considering that this gear I have got from my gym coach which I have known for the last 2 years or maybe even more, I do got the feeling that it should be all legit as I doubt that he would give me some kind of crap. But on the other hand, you said that this is not normal and plus to that, as I have already said it in some of my earlier posts, after being on this stuff for 6 weeks I do feel like I do not have any really significant benefits/ changes/ gains. The only one benefit that seems I have is the mood improvement, as I said, however I am not sure if it really improved… it’s all strange. anyway, I must say that I really read a lot about how testosterone is working (I said it earlier) and after all those readings I came to the conclusion that there is a chance that I may be suffering from hypogonadism… of course I don’t know since nobody confirmed this, however I think that it might be mild because if that’s true, this would truly explain a lot for me. Maybe I would get it confirmed later. Whatever the case, I just really want to get rid of those man boobs and to get leaner, however, it doesn’t really matter what… I still seem to be stuck, regardless of what I do, and that’s really hard to live like this when there seems to be nothing that can help me. Anyway, as I have already mentioned in my posts earlier, I am going to start with that stuff called nolvadex and I am going to continue with this cycle until I will finish it and do pct just not to screw it anymore as I’m tired of all of this. Anyway, reading online did helped me a lot as I am having a few ideas for my next cycle now and also for the off cycle too. Again… who knows? Maybe at least my current plan would work? I am ready to do nearly anything now just to feel fine again. Thanks for answering and for your valuable information!