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Hey there…. Well… you know [quote] have you done pre cycle bloods in order to check what you baseline is? [/quote] to be honest.. no, I did not do it. And no, my coach has never told to me that it is something necessary, do you think I should ask about this myself? And I must tell you that it has been after I have informed myself while browsing this forum site (as well as other sites to) when I have then realized that I needed some test bloods in order to monitor my testosterone level.

Also want to answer this: [quote] Oh my god… you have tested 469 ng/ dL on a CYCLE?! I just can’t believe this! [/quote] well, it was not after the cycle. In fact, I haven’t even finished my first cycle yet. It did was during a cycle, but it has been after only 5 shots… also this: [quote]Tell me, how much as you injecting each week (you forgot to mention this) [/quote]; my cycle it is 100 mg test prop and 100 mg boldenone EOD, what do you think about this? Does it sounds like a good thing in your opinion? In regards to the last question of how I feel now… well, my mood seem to get a bit better. Sex drive not sure as I haven’t tried and man boobs… well, I guess it is too early to say anything now. To be honest, not sure what to say.

Btw… most importantly (just thought about asking…) what do you think that it should be the good (optimum, proper etc.) test levels while I am on a cycle?? That’s, as I said, taking in consideration that I am using 100 mg test prop and 100 mg boldenone EOD. Thanks for answering and hoping for more help and answers.