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Hello there, I can tell you that I have been using HGH for around 7 years now and so, of course, I do have a bit of experience and a bit of knowledge with it. For those who are wondering the way I use it – my dosage it is 0.2 mg, or as many people used to calculate doses in regards to HGH – 1/2 IU and I am taking it on a daily basis, every night. I’ve gotta say here that my IGF 1 level has been even below than the range at 100, however it has then gotten up all the way to approximately 250 or so on the injections. With their help I can tell you that I started to feel better as my fatigue as well as my muscle strength has improved a lot! It really increased very much, however I still must tell you that it is still not a cure for me. The reason why I said that it helped me a lot with fatigue and improved a lot my muscle strength but it is still not a cure for me is that I am still having levels that are below average of strength for my age and I am still getting pretty much fatigued (the only thing is that it is better now). I still am thankful to this thing and I still think that it is really helpful because it has been a lot much more worse than before I have been put on those shots, so I am really thankful to them.

Also, you can find online such information as: you would need some months in order to see the benefits on injecting HGH. And that’s, partially true. Partially because there are indeed people who do start to take HGH injections but they can’t see any benefits only after being some months on them. But for me that’s different. Either because I have been having some REALLY low levels or I don’t know… all I know is that even though it requires some months in order to fully see those benefits of getting HGH, I still have started to feel the good effects of injecting the HGH nearly instantly.

I must mention here that I have taken an arginine stim test however did not fail it and that is why the insurance has refused to cover it at first and so I have paid out of pocket for a couple of years which was a struggle as constantly giving money for them wasn’t so pleasant when I knew that I could spend my money somewhere else… but I was still fine because it has been a lot much more cheaper back then compared to the nowadays price. But anyhow… luckily, a few years ago, we have tried once again to get it covered and low and behold, luckily, the insurance has approved and that was amazing news for me! I’m not sure here and I can’t even be sure here, however I just think that it might have something to do with the thing that I have been paying for it myself and all of that has been documented, and so, they could see in those documents that I have went through improvements in quality of my life with the help of it and I guess that’s why they approved. I am not really sure about the reason, of course, as I never really asked… I was and I am just happy that they did approved as it is amazing for me. It is all easier and better, the only thing is that every year I just have to go through another pre approval process… but as much as you can understand, that’s by far not a big problem and again luckily, since then, they have approved every year after first approval.

Whichever the case, I what I want to say is that this stuff is a wonderful stuff, at least for me. It is an indeed amazing hormone to replace and I tell you guys, at least for me, it is worth absolutely every single penny for this thing. I do think that it is overall amazing and with no issues to be concerned of. The reason why people still think of it as being dangerous and that it is strongly given only with a prescription is that there are people who abuse it but obviously, anything that you abuse is bad. Abuse water and it is going to kill you as well. Even too much oxygen can kill you. But we don’t take water and oxygen by prescription… too bad that there were those sports figures who abused it and so they gave this stuff a bad name since I really think that this is hurting a lot those of us people who are in a real need of using it… I wish you all good luck and I hope you’re all gonna be safe.