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Hi there everyone. I am having a question that I think it is one of the most strange question that has ever been asked here or maybe in general in regards to HGH. Whatever the case… here it goes like this… Is there any way to somehow (of course, preferably it would be to legally) SELL HGH that you have purchased with a legit doctor’s prescription, however you just no longer need it? Again, I do know this sounds strange, however that’s the problem that I have now. I have been given a script from my doctor and I have purchased and used it for a while. It is Norditropin, but then I simply stopped in needing it and now I don’t know what I should do. But flushing it down the sink would be a shame and generally I don’t want to waste it like that. First off, of course, because it is expensive but also I know that there are people who need it. Hope someone can help me with this, as I said, rather strange question.