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[quote] I personally can’t say anything in regards to this as I have never used myself a Chinese product, only American made pharmaceutical grade. So from experience I do know for sure that the American made pharm grade sub Q injectable are very and very powerful stuff and if that’s what you are going to get, then trust me that would be more than enough. [/quote]

Oh yeah, that’s totally true and I completely agree with this part. I would recommend everyone to take a look at it, I mean, to newbies who are searching for some HGH stuff or for those who never used it. That’s because it is indeed extremely good. Because the *REAL* American Made Sub Q injectable HGH, from as much as I have read/ heard/ researched, it is considered to be a really really good stuff. HGH generally it is a controlled substance but then there’s everyone else who is trying to make money out of this and they are trying to sell to desperate people some kind of bull crap such as pills and sprays and things like that and so they are passing it off as being HGH, when in reality, of course, that’s just shit.

I’m just trying to help you people so you won’t put in your body some kind of shit. You should think about your health first off, in my opinion. And so you must know that the only way that your body (I mean, of course, any human body) can break down the molecular structure of the HGH it is by Sub Q injectable. Don’t buy other crappy things as those are only crap, for sure. And yeah, I also must tell you that the only way that you can know for sure that you are going to get anything real it is to go through a US based physician who can prescribe you something good, some US based pharma grade product that you do know for sure is legit and they haven’t given you some shit! I see that people start to go crazy after other products and only because of money. They are purchasing god knows what because it is cheaper. It does seems to me like they are caring more about their money than about their health and that’s just sad in my opinion… anyway, hope this is going to be at least a bit helpful for you people!