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Pudsteck, hello. I just wanted to answer your question hoping it would be a bit helpful for you in case it is not too late already… well, I must tell you that yeah, you’ve gotta eat extremely extremely ‘clean’ a reasonable amount of protein (and be careful not to have protein overload as many people taking too serious and they start getting too far) and that’s since you surely do not want to overwork your kidneys and lots of water in order to keep your system as detoxed as it is possible along with some good carbohydrates like for example the vegetables (which is why salads are so so important for us) and in such a situation, trust me, having 1 iu it is going to be more than enough. I guess you might think that 1 iu is not enough because you have read that online. But remember that you do not have a condition to treat or anything. 1 iu a day might indeed not be enough but for those people who are taking it for some conditions. Since you do not have any conditions and you’re just looking for feeling and looking better, trust me, 1 iu a day with a good diet would be more than enough! And also, of course, a good work out plan! I am not sure how about other HGH stuff out there as I have seen that there are other (Chinese) HGH products and many people seem to have good opinions on them while others not quite good. I personally can’t say anything in regards to this as I have never used myself a Chinese product, only American made pharmaceutical grade. So from experience I do know for sure that the American made pharm grade sub Q injectable are very and very powerful stuff and if that’s what you are going to get, then trust me that would be more than enough. Again, you’re not having a condition to treat, if you would then indeed 1 iu a day would be far less than you should be taking. But as long as you don’t have a condition, you regularly exercise, have a good diet, and take 1 iu a day of good pharm grade stuff – I am nearly all sure that it would be just enough and really helpful to ya!