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well… to be honest, I am currently just using the NOW IGF 1 spray… to be honest… I am not very sure what exactly it has in it, where it is a real IGF 1 or maybe just some kind of an act alike chemical in the natural… however, what I do know is that the results have been pretty much dramatic for me and that is why I do think that it is really helpful… again, not sure why, either because it does have what’s supposed to have or because it has some kind of a chemical… also not sure for how long it is going to work like this… however, for now, it does helps. I am talking about the results because I started to take it, mostly, for pains… after approximately 2 weeks only of using it, my joints injuries have darn nearly fully healed up and I can feel that now I am being much more stronger and tighter than I have used to be in the past… in fact, than how I have been in a very long time now!

What I want to say with all of this is that you can find the thing on amazon (or at least the person from whom I got it said that got it from amazon) and I do recommend to sacrifice with those $12 for just a bottle to at least try it… I do think that it sounds like a much better idea to try out at least one bottle before you are going to start injecting anything in your body… good luck!