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so well, then it seems that I just can take a blood sample and to sell it for like a $500 a pop then 😀 LOL. Gotta get rich soon. LOL. From as much as it seems, I am having more than enough to spare.

But anyway, seriously now, people are firstly and foremost asking and recommending about diets due to the fact that these, as we all know or at least SHOULD know, are the most important and the most effective ways of getting serious gains without sticking some kind of foreign objects into your body, which, as it was said, they are also safest. If you are talking about bodybuilding and stuff like this, I really think that you should not get any defensive when there is somebody who is asking for your diet, your age or whatever else in regards to this.

And also, although I do know that IGF 1 injections are indeed helpful for some (as I have heard a little bit about it myself and I discussed with quite a few people) I still must say that I would give -1 (minus one) to use the IGF 1 injections and I would give +1 (plus one) to get everything else in some perfect and excellent order and to use normal supplements and not those that you are having to inject. Hoping this is going to be any helpful to you.