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as soon as I have seen your post and immediately looked at my bottle… it doesn’t say to activate them either. never seen this recommended as well. only you recommended it. and since I’ve seen it recommended I did have tried this method to ‘activate them’ and so I can say that I have tried both ways now. you know… indeed, I did have lost slightly a bit more weight when I have been activating it during my 4 last rounds. so really big thanks for this advice. I mean, the difference was only a little bit. but a bit here and a bit there and the difference is big. I am currently on my round 5 now. plus to that, I also heard about refrigeration part. I mean, better keep it there even if it says that there is no need to do it. at least mine doesn’t say to keep it in refrigerator but I do anyway. not sure if it helps since I never done otherwise, but since I see it recommended by more people I guess that’s true.

I can also say that if you are not being hungry at any time other than meal times then your dosage is just right and I think that you’ve got to continue it like that. I can see that the OP here has recommended people to start with a dosage of 15 drops taken 3 times per day. however, I still say that in case you are being happy with a lower dose then you can go for it without any problems. taking lower dosage doesn’t mean that it would work less/ worse especially for as long as you find it being useful. I honestly do believe that each person as well as each brand is being very different from one another and so you can start with the supplier’s recommendation and then to adjust based on how you are feeling. in case you are feeling queasy or something you feel that you’re not feeling well then lower your dose, you shouldn’t stay on a dosage that makes you feel not well. if you are feeling hungry then increase your dose. from as much as I know, most of the bottles are going to tell you the absolute minimum amount. at least my bottle is telling 10 drops 3 times a day only and it is a real thing, a real HHCG for sure (I know it because of the way it works – really made me lose pounds).