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And so, here I am… I did have skipped 3 days of drops in order to let my levels to decrease back again. This has been at around 6:00 PM on Monday. So I have stopped and I have not taken anything anymore until around 5:00 PM or so on Thursday *yesterday*. I was just SO SO hungry… extremely hungry before I have taken the drops, however I have been feeling absolutely amazing after that and that continued for the rest of the entire day and through out the night as well. I have woken up this morning and I have been feeling absolutely fine, nothing to bore me or anything… and so I have taken 10 drops. Now, around one hour later even after I have been eating I am still hungry… and that’s continuing like that for like 4 -5 hours straight and I am still feeling that I am hungry… I really don’t like this thing… is there any of you who has any suggestions for me on this please? I will appreciate anything!

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