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Well, yes, you are right on this: [quote] What I am talking about is that it has made it through customs, however it then still got seized, it got seized by law enforcement… I mean.. I used to think that as soon as it passes through customs then there’s nothing that can keep it from not coming to me… this means that I was wrong? Isn’t that weird? Or it is me that understood something wrong? I mean… I was used to think that only the customs are able and could do that (seizing the packages) and as soon as it went through, what right does the post office have to open (or to even confiscate) your mail?! [/quote] and that’s because indeed, as soon as the package is passing customs and it is being accepted in the domestic mail system (as it is being shown to you by a location on the tracking with a zip code) then they are not allowed to open the package, at least not without a warrant. Since I doubt that they have got a warrant… if I have had to guess, based on the things that I have read and my bit of experience… your package has not been opened at this point in time, to be honest… however, for some kind of unknown (yet) reason, it has been flagged. This can happen because of it being ripped apart by some machinery, accidentally if the vendor hasn’t really closed it properly or if the workers ‘thrown’ it somehow, or just from some postal worker out there that was really intrigued in finding out what are the contests as some sort of contraband based on the customs label. I have some pretty big doubts that you are going to find out unless your package is going to be released by LE (and yeah, at least in theory, it could be if those people are going to think of it as a non troublesome stuff) or, also, until LE is going to give you a visit. If that’s so, then they are going to put that package in front of you and they are going to ask for your permission to open it (in front of them, of course) and this is the way that they are going to know what’s inside of that package without getting a warrant for opening it up. And if it does comes to this point (which I doubt, but who knows) I still wouldn’t be worried too much to agree to open that package up since you have only insulin for your grandfather there (if there’s indeed insulin only, but I doubt that you lied us here since I don’t see any reason for you to lie here, as we surely can’t harm you). In fact, I can tell you more… not allowing them to do so it doesn’t really matter and that’s for a reason… they are going to get that warrant no matter what (as they would get the package with them) and it really doesn’t look good if you would refuse (and it looks suspicious IMO). And so, as soon as they are going to see that those contests are not any kind of high end mind altering drug or anything else dangerous in there, they are just going to give you their absolutely harmless standard warning about not purchasing any medications online (even including insulin too) and then they are going to leave… but yeah, most likely they are going to take the package with them as I highly doubt that they would give it to you.
With that being said… yeah… I do know that this entire experience can be scary and if you think of it – it is, in fact, designed to be scary… that’s because they must protect big pharma and to convince you (even by scaring you) that you must purchase only American made products. And yeah, be sure that they absolutely do not care whether do you (or your grandfather) are finding it hard to get a script for whichever medication or that your life (or your grandfather’s life) is getting downside because you’re not able to get that medication. In the end… there’s just some kind of a greedy CEO, or maybe a COO, or CFO or VP or it doesn’t really matter who has to get is bonus and in case we are going to purchase medicine from overseas then that’s just getting their bonuses lower which they obviously wouldn’t let happen. And with all the money, power and influence they have, they can do it… they just want you and everyone else to believe that there is absolutely nobody else on this whole planet who knows how to make any medicine at all, which, we all realize very well that this is completely ridiculous!
In the end, even if that’s an script needed insulin (because as I said, not all insulins, from as much as I know, require a script, only some) I hope a lot that your grandfather would be able to get a script from his physician! The reship idea is indeed good, but there’s just absolutely no way to know if the reship is going to make it through or it will not. That’s because the seizure by the postal service it is somehow different than the seizure by customs. Plus to that, I also think that it also depends on where in the chain that package has been flagged too… like for example in your city, in a larger city that it is anywhere near you (or if you’re in a larger city) or in a city anywhere that’s not very near to you.
Lately… I would really say that you’ve just try not to worry too much about it, however I can understand very well that this is pointless in saying this so I’m not even gonna try doing so… that’s because I do realize very well that if I would be in your shoes now, I would also be nervous, of course, knowing that at some point they could decide to address that package.. although I realize that nothing would happen, I would still get worried. There are also such possibilities in which they could simply just toss it in the trash and to think of it not worth their time… not sure, because on the other hand, now that they are having it in their hands, they surely want to see what’s in it. Don’t know… but I’m nearly 100% that you won’t get that mail for yourself.

I wish you sincere good luck with all of this and I am really hoping a lot that you are going to come back here and you would let us know if there’s anything that would further happen (I mean, when it would happen…)