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Hey there everyone… thanks for your informative answers and replies… I appreciate it very much.. I am just going to read them more carefully and maybe I would ask some questions based on your posts people but until then… I also wanted to ask you something else.. something like… has this ever happened to anyone else? Or I am the only one? What I am talking about is that it has made it through customs, however it then still got seized, it got seized by law enforcement… I mean.. I used to think that as soon as it passes through customs then there’s nothing that can keep it from not coming to me… this means that I was wrong? Isn’t that weird? Or it is me that understood something wrong? I mean… I was used to think that only the customs are able and could do that (seizing the packages) and as soon as it went through, what right does the post office have to open (or to even confiscate) your mail?! I mean… seriously… I do find it extremely strange and I am not sure what to think about this… to be honest… I am now wondering how far off the tv show person of interest really is… we are all being watched, we are being all tracked as well as recorded… and that’s all the time… every single step of the way in our every day life! Not sure what do you think about this and how you feel it, but to me that’s a pretty frightening thought! To be honest… I wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing that they are going to do now is to do away with cash and credit cards and they are going to put one little chip under the skin for both the purchases we could do and for identification purposes! And, of course, all of this only for our safety and for our convenience… definitely not for anything else.

Yeah… I do realize that I seem to go completely off topic and I want to apologize for this… but I just want to say… WOW, just WOW, I’m shocked where we’re all going… this new way of the world it is just scaring me… we’re always in somebody’s control. And we don’t know that we are and we don’t even know in whose control… that’s frightening to me. I just can’t be alone with all of these thoughts now. Sorry… it all just started from the insulin for my grandfather… seemingly it went too far now.