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Hi AmyGodness… it is obvious that they are not… I mean, of course they are not going to come because he ordered some insulin, talking about this> *Hi sinseno and thanks for answering. I have not noticed that it has been an online notification, to be honest. But… I still want to ask you… do you really think that someone is going to come after him for an insulin?! I mean… it does sounds to me… stupid… but if that’s so that is really off the chart. That’s just… unbelievable *
What I was trying to say is that when it is being showed up on the USPS tracking that means that the postal service has put their hands on it and not the customs. As I have said it earlier, most likely, there is some kind of a postal worker who most likely has gotten all excited by thinking that they were doing something good (or maybe even noble in their opinion) or maybe they were just have been having some in service about illegal packages or something like this and they flagged it and then later, after that they have turned it over to either the postal inspector or to the regular LE. *just insert here the eye roll at the employee. *

Whichever the case, in the end this is only an insulin… it is surely not going to rock anybody’s world! The only issue it is that importing prescriptions it is currently being illegal and plus to that, also possessing that medication (in our case, we are talking about insulin) without having a valid US script for that medication (again, in our case insulin only) it is also illegal but that’s in case the insulin you have got is rx. If I’m not wrong – there is insulin that is OTC. Anyhow… what they can do and what they are actually going to do is extremely much varying from location to location! Like for example, where I am living then I guess that they would not look at it twice, however in some kind of a small town somewhere in USA (esp. if it’s far away from all their sections) then they might just be a pain about it. Whatever the case… I one would not be worried about it, to be honest… in the end, the OP has never been in the possession of that package. If we think about it for a minute… there’s absolutely nothing that they can get him for in reality (and that’s especially if the insulin is OTC!). they are surely not going to make any kind of a huge case over the insulin, I’m darn sure about this. If there would be like for example a HUGE amount of Xanax or Oxy or something in this matter then yeah, you might be in a little town in USA you’re still gonna get a visit about it as that’s a huge issue, however they won’t do it over a some insulin.

To be honest with you guys… I really think that even if they would follow through… they will most likely just are going to tell the OP (or that would seem like asking 😀 ) to stop ordering online and be done with it but then again, this is only in case they would even bother about it all, which I think that they are not. However, yeah, they will surely are going to confiscate it though… it doesn’t really matter if they are visiting or they are not – the package OP won’t ever see.