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Hey there, since you asked to relate more on this, I will try my best: [quote] Oh wow, that’s something I have never even thought to be honest… I did not realize that would show up as a USPS status! Just wow, can someone explain and relate on this more? Please? Is that something new or there’s something that I overlooked? Thanks! [/quote]
So well… I did have seen that status one time… I really did. Truth is that it was not on my own package, however since I have seen it with my own 2 eyes on the tracking (and yeah, it was not a screen shot either, like someone could say that it was photo shopped – it was not) I believe that status does exist indeed! But I used to think that it does not. Whichever the case, that’s surely not the most comforting thing to see, I am darn sure about this! Whatever the case, I know that the person who have got that status (as I know the person personally) has got a visit from LE/ DEA or whoever it was from. We were really scared… that package has been seized after customs so there has been no LL sent or anything. I gotta say that I really don’t know what the result is going to be for this package. I just can guess that there were some kind of overzealous postal worker who most likely have had no idea what it was in there and they were thinking that they have made some kind of a bust of the century or something, but then HA! Only some freaking dangerous insulin. Surely the bust of the century.

Also I must say… LockDown… trust me I am very and very sorry that you have lost your package, I really hope that you aren’t ever going to get your packages seized… however for now you must pull yourself together. I do understand that you might be scared for your grandfather, but pulling yourself together would make your mind clear and therefore you can think of what you should do further for your grandfather to feel fine. I am just really surprised to see that your grandfather’s doctor isn’t giving him prescription for insulin and you must purchase it over the seas. People with diabetes who need insulin, usually, do not have issues with getting their meds.
But anyway… I do know and I am sure that it is very upsetting to know that your package it is not coming to you and that it has been seized… now I would say that you have pretty much just 2 options (I guess) which I can recommend you… that’s either to make another order and maybe to have it delivered to a friend in some other city or town or to go and to see another physician maybe somewhere else that is going to help your grandfather better than this current doctor he’s visiting. In the end, I just tell you – you should not just give up like that and do not let them to win only due to the fact that they have yanked one package from you… surely nothing that bad happened, although it is frustrating, I know.