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Hi Lock Down… I’m very sorry for you and your father but you are not going to be receiving that medication (insulin or whatever else is in there) and I am 100% sure that you wouldn’t ever see it. Yeah, indeed, there are some packages that do get their packages opened and even so, they are still being released and then forwarded to the customer just as it has been sent, only with that sign on it that shows that it has been opened up. The reason why they still release it is unknown. It mostly depends on each luck… someone’s packages are getting seized, others are not. There are also such situations when some people are having part of their medication removed and then sent to them. you’ve just got to keep in mind these are only a few and far between, there are always such kind of risks and you should have been prepared that something like this could have happened.

Anyway, now, since you do have a letter from CBP, I just think that you must take a picture of it and then to forward it to your vendor. Not all vendors agree to resend your items (without paying) but it depends on what you both have discussed about this and to what you’ve both come to (although I’ve heard about vendors saying that they would reship in case of seizure and in the end they have not… but usually those vendors are scammers). If he warned you that in case of seizure he won’t reship for free then… I’m sorry… whatever the case, I really hope that he is going to replace your items for your grandfather. And yeah, they can seizure medications even including insulin as it is against the law to purchase them.

As for now, I just recommend you to check the website or your email from the vendor and check if there is any mention about replacement or something like that. In whatever the case, I would still send the LL to your vendor and see what does he (or she) is telling you about that. I wish you good luck with this and I hope you won’t be having any more seized packages. Also I’m sorry for your grandfather not receiving his insulin.