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hello there everyone, I just have a question which I really hope I am going to get an answer for. so well, I have started drops that I have purchased from HCG Triumph and I am currently VLCD 5. only 2 days ago I have discovered that the drop syringe provided measuring at .38 ml 3 times per day has been actually 20 drops per dose instead of 10 drops per dosage. I have had a skip day on yesterday due to the fact that I have realized that my dosage has been way way too high than it should have been. plus to that, I have also noticed that by that evening I have been feeling already a lot much more better as well. I mean, I have had no hunger back to my old self or anything like that. whatever the case, believing to the site that means I just need to reduce my dose more. and that is why, I have reduced it from 20 drops to the normal of the 9 drops that is being recommended. well, at around 5 AM this morning I have taken my dose of 8 drops and I have felt ok just until about 12:00 pm noon when I have started to get a really big hungry feeling… I mean, I was really REALLY hungry and so I have taken another dosage of 10 drops and for approximately one hour and a half or so I am just fine with no problem but then after one hour and a half, out of a sudden, I am completely starving!!! Well, now I am just wondering since I have been mistakenly using double the dosage for the first 3 days and my load days, if the one skip day has been enough to determine where I needed to be. I’ve just got confused. Gotta say that I have not used my 3rd dose so far. Do you think that I need to take and to see how things are or have one other skip day as well? Or maybe you think that I need to skip the next 3 days and will still maintain the VLCD and just on the 4th day to start over with the correct dosage of the 10 drops 3 times per day? Or I am also thinking that it is possible that I should have used 10 drops instead of 8 that I did? Sorry if this is bothering someone… but I am just trying to fish for some ideas here… maybe I would find something really helpful?

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