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oh yeah, you can change the brands if you want to as I have big doubts that anything bad might happen. in fact I can tell you that most of the brands seem to be just about the same so you might not even feel any difference… stalls are normal and expected. a stall of a week to ten days it is not an uncommon thing, no worries, even though men do tend not to have as many stalls as women does. this is in regards to your question about whether can you change your medication or not. if you want to experiment and see if there would be any changes at all – I say that you can do it with no issues.

as for the main question (or at least I personally understood that this was your main question) – the HCG it is allowing your body to access your stored fat for fuel. I think that you must go online and read more as everything is going to be explained. just write pounds and inches and hcg diet and you’re gonna be given lots of information to read about. I honestly think that you should all this information if you want to learn more. anyway, I personally, while I read the original manuscript ‘pounds and inches’ in regards to HCG diet, I have found out a lot. it has explained the science that it is behind the HCG protocol a lot much more better than I ever could do it. I tell you, if you’re interested in HCG and HCG diet, you would find that read extremely beneficial. that’s an very and very interesting read that you would like a lot!

really hope this is going to be helpful for you. god luck!