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I must say that I completely do agree with above on care home staff. they are being very stretched because of the difficulty recruiting. plus to that, I also know that there are some frequent investigations with homes in special measures either, there are sometimes when for good reason, but it also there are sometimes when not. and plus to that, diabetes education it is generally very difficult, I do know it very well, even though the diabetes specialists can do training, there are still not enough staff in order to allow folk off to do the training as well as turnover of staff it is just so high (what I try to say is that working in a supermarket pays more and it is having extra benefits) than trained staff here and it would be no wonder if those people may very well soon leave. and what are the risk in a super market and what are the risk when playing with people lives? why you must be trained here? why you spend your time and nerves? these are just a few points that makes me say: kudos to such people who are resisting and who are still working this way. they have all my respect.

I must say that I have been highly impressed by staff in homes (I personally would never be patronizing it) however just very and very stretched. and also, the residents are much much more dependent than 15 years ago or so, and plus to that the state funding for placements have not really risen with the costs of care… all of this does sums up in the end… anyway… seems I went off topic, sorry for that. I really hope that your father is doing alright and nothing similar would ever happen. wish you and your dad best wishes!