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sinseno hello again. yes, I do think that there is no need to blame anyone and that’s because blame is very rarely solving a problem at all (but oftentimes it gives only more problems) and to be fair the person who has done this is much more likely so shocked about all of this and that they made such a mistake that there is no need for you to go in there and say anything… I have a feeling that they themselves are going to be super and hyper vigilant in the future, and especially with your dad. plus to that. I am damn sure that the workers wouldn’t want to hurt anybody and since the worker who has done that, I can imagine that they also have had a really sleepless night hoping that your dad would be alright. those people who are doing such kind of jobs are very rarely doing it for all the limelight and for all of those extremely enormous salaries they have (well, I guess you already did but please, you must understand this sentence I am being ironic.)

as you already mentioned it, it is about your father as well as the other residents out there in the care home being properly cared for and also staying safe at a time in their lives when they are being so vulnerable so extra care must be taken. anyway, in the end, the most important thing is that your dad is doing fine now and I’m very glad that he does. I am also happy for him that he can get back to his more familiar surrounding very quickly, as you said, this is very important for him and his conditions. I imagine that it must be such a relief when you’ve got that phone call saying that your father is ok and he would be released from the hospital.