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well… I have just discussed to the care home again and they told me that they have checked with the hospital where my father has been taken to. well, they have told me that my dad is, thankfully, doing fine now and they said that bg it is stable at the moment. they also said that they have already booked his transport back to the care home for 3 pm today because they said that there is no more need for him to stay at the hospital. to be honest, I am very glad about this and that’s because with his Alzheimer’s, some big disruptions to routine are being massively stressful for him… unfortunately, so going back is fine, at least I do think that it is better for him.
I am now leaving him alone today in order to settle back into his room at the care home, as he is going to be completely exhausted, I do know this, and I also know he’s gonna be very stressed out as it is, and I am going to see him tomorrow morning only which I do hope that he’s gonna be much better until then.
whatever the case, I did have already made my task for today and I am talking about the letter written to the care home. thanks for the recommendation as I do appreciate it but I would have written it even without a recommendation of doing so… I am going to make sure that my letter is going to be delivered and read as I am going to hand deliver it myself tomorrow when I would go in. I also do understand what you meant by saying that you would not go for names or for someone to be blamed because of this. I do think exactly the same way as I have no interest in finding out names and blaming anyone. generally, I can say that the carers at my dad’s home are just some very and very amazing people. I did discussed with them and I’ve seen how they are thinking/ acting. if they wouldn’t be so amazing I wouldn’t even let them take care of my father. and I also do know that these people are just doing such a hard, very hard job… and to be honest, I am absolutely having no interest at all in seeing heads roll or anything in this matter. I really want to make it all peaceful, I don’t want someone to have to suffer because of this, but I also do not want to leave it like that because my father suffers. so I’m still gonna give them the letter as this is a safeguarding issue for my dad as well as all other residents there and so they MUST take it very seriously and to act accordingly. we just can’t leave it like that. and I must say that I strongly suspect on the fact that this has happened due to the fact that, as usual, those people working there are under staffed and are over worked. again, I do not blame them. I’ve seen how they are working, what a hard and oftentimes a stressful job they are doing. but that’s why they should not be over worked. I already made sure that I mentioned this in my letter. I’ve seen that the managers are working their 9 – 5 and then are just taking home their nice salaries and then they are leaving those poor carers to deal with everything in there… it is obvious that ultimately mistakes would happen. that’s why I wrote that letter, so this would be changes and such mistakes not to happen!