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sinseno… oh my god… that’s all rather shocking and I am just so sorry that you dad had to go through all of that. but I wanted to ask you… have you found out how the error has been discovered? I mean, how they realized that they’ve made that mistake? what I try to say is that in the time that I really do accept the thing that in any action mistakes indeed can happen, it would really seem that there is something that has gone wrong in that situation. maybe I am wrong, and I really hope that I am wrong… however you just never know…
if I would be in your shoes then I would be writing to that care home where this happened to your dad and I would be expressing my deep shock and disappointment about what has happened there and I would definitely ask them to fully investigate it all, to find out and say what has happened for sure. in addition to that, of course, I would be asking them firmly what kind of steps they are currently taking, as well as including any changes at all to the procedures that are going to ensure that this is not going to ever happen again, to your father, as well as to anybody else out there.

that it is not about asking for some names or for looking for somebody to blame, to get me correctly, as I do know that a lot of people would firstly think to blame someone or stuff like that. again, I would not be searching for names and for someone to blame because of this. it is all only about ensuring that your father is going to be safe and that you can be fully confident and calm that he is being cared for appropriately and you are not going to get such a call anymore. doing nothing might not make them anything else, might not make them change anything, but such situations does requires changes so your dad would be all safe. I wish you good luck and hopefully such situations wouldn’t ever happen to your father ever again… as well as to anybody’s fathers.