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well.. there’s an annoying problem to put it mildly… now… approximately 25% or so of care home residents are having diabetes of whom only half are known that they do have, having that said, there is an approximately 12% or so chances that your father does have diabetes but it is still not known by anybody. so, just in case your father is a little bit tubby and he is having an undiagnosed T2DM then I’m pretty sure that there might not be too much of a problem at all!

however, on the other hand, if he is a skinny man and he is not a diabetic person, then his glucose levels could drop significantly much. if that’s so then as it has been already mentioned above by some other member, the hospital most likely would put your father on a glucose drip and then they would watch the glucose levels very carefully and their actions depends on the glucose levels from that moment on.

now, the scope for problems lies in the duration of the effect of the lantus.. folk would say a 24 hour duration of effect, however it can last for a longer, example the 24 hours it is the therapeutic effect in standard dosages, however a big (and I am talking about a much bigger than 17 units) this can make folk being hypo for days, like for example 5 days.

and so, if your father has been given a quick acting insulin then he would need a fair bit of CHO in order to avoid the hypos, however he should be sorted by the next 24 hours. hwoever if Lantus, he would not need such a rapid rate of the ingestion of CHO, however it could go on for a longer and one would want your father to be fine off any glucose drip for 24 hours. but if the renal function of your father is quite poor and then routine measures of the renal function in a frail older person underestimate the proble, then the insulin is going to hang around for a little bit longer.

whatever the case, safeguarding concerns are going to be raised (appropriately) and the investigations that your father would be put on are going to keep your dad in that hospital a few more days. but that’s just to make sure that when your father would get out from the hospital, he’s gonna be 100% safe. I really hope this would help at least a bit and I hope much more that your father would be alright. all the best to you.